Anyone Can Get Paid to Shop with the 1-Hour Workweek


It goes almost without saying that everyone wants to earn more money. The main issue is that many people don’t have the time to take on a standard second (or even third) job. They need a way to make that additional money while still having plenty of free time – and meet that elusive work-life balance. They want to get paid to shop. With the 1-Hour Workweek, you can do this and get paid to shop. Since you’ll be shopping anyway, you might as well take a small amount of time and earn money by referral link, right? Want to know more about how this works? Read on.

What Is The 1-Hour Workweek?

You’re probably wondering just how you can get paid to shop. It involves placing your affiliate link online and having people sign up to use the service using that link. This is much simpler than it sounds, as you too can earn money for shopping. It all starts with creating a free account on the 1-Hour Workweek website. From there, you make a purchase of at least $25. You’ll receive a link to your dashboard within the system, which contains everything that you need to get paid to shop. Then, you share your link, people sign up and make a similar purchase (the same dollar amount, not the same items), and then they get paid to shop. This goes on and everyone can earn money by referring links. You can create a whole network of people under you, all of which make you money when they make a purchase of at least $25 per month. See – it really is simple to get paid to shop!

You Don’t Need a Huge Social Media Presence

The best thing about this system that allows you to get paid to shop is the fact that you don’t need a huge social media presence. Unlike other affiliate linking plans that you need to apply for in the hopes that you’re accepted, you can use your own modest following and still get paid to shop. This is due to the fact that you can capitalize on the networks of people under you, who also get paid per referral sign up. If someone with a huge following ends up signing up to get paid to shop using your link, anyone that they recruit ends up under you as well. The results are a huge number of people – up to 100,000 – under you that are getting paid to shop. The more people who get paid to share links, the more money you make.

It All Comes Down to the Four Pillars

The 1-Hour Workweek program was created in order to bring the four pillars to everyone’s life. These pillars are happiness, health and wellness, time freedom, and financial independence. Many people who don’t get paid to shop online or get paid to shop in general, are missing out these things. It’s important to note that the first pillar listed – happiness – relies on the other three. The more you get paid to shop, the more you have to spend on your health and wellness. The better your financial independence (thanks to the fact that you get paid to shop) the more time freedom you’ll have. Everything flows together, all because you signed up to get paid to shop.

It’s important to note the “time freedom” part of this “get paid to shop” program. Since you’re sharing your link online through your social media channels, you won’t have to spend much time on this every week. This is where the name of the program – 1-Hour Workweek – comes from. You can spend all of an hour sharing your link with people and make plenty of money as you get paid for shopping.

 Shop for Items That You Need

Speaking of shopping, the 1-Hour Workweek website has a number of items that you use every single day. This makes it easy to get paid to shop while you earn money by referral link. There are things like clothing (t-shirts and sweatshirts), pet supplies, beauty items, electronics, and more. Every single one of those items falls under the plan, meaning that you get paid to shop for items that are commonly used. You won’t have to worry about finding uses for anything or talking people into getting paid to shop for things that they don’t need. The wide variety of products on the website takes care of this for you. You just need to point people in the right direction, explain how they can get paid to shop and have them use your referral link. It’s that simple. They’ll sign up, make that purchase, and get paid to shop, and you’ll make money as well. Everything is drop shipped, so there’s no inventory required. It’s very simple!

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