Become an Affiliate Marketer without a Large Network and Get Paid to Shop


Affiliate marketing is all the rage. Everyone wants to get paid to shop just by linking products that they use every single day. The main issue is that many of these marketing networks – the ones that allow you to earn money by referral link – require you to have a large social media network of your own. They judge you based on followers and interactions, making it tough to get into their program. This isn’t the case at all with 1-Hour Workweek, which makes it easy for you to get paid to share links and get paid to shop.

It All Starts With a Purchase

All that you need to do in order to sign up with 1-Hour Workweek is make a purchase of $25 or more. That’s all that it takes to get paid to shop. You’re given a link and access to a dashboard where you can track everyone who signs up under you (more on that later) and you’re on your way to earn money for shopping. Once you sign up and make that purchase, you’re also given a link that you can share on your social networks and then you get paid to shop. This makes it easy to get paid for shopping. You get paid per referral sign up, as those people who use your link make their own purchase (again, of $25 or more) and then they are paid to shop as well. You receive a percentage of everyone who signs up under them as well, which is how you get paid for shopping. It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Who doesn’t want to get paid to shop?

Sharing Your Affiliate Link

The simple way to “qualify” for the program and sign up is what makes it easy to get paid per referral sign up and get paid to shop. The more people who click on your link and make that purchase, the more money you are paid to shop. However, you not only make money on their initial purchase but on all of the other ones that they make each month as well when they get paid to shop. The trick is that in order to get paid to shop, those people under you need to purchase at least $25 worth of items from the 1-Hour Workweek shop. That’s how you earn money by referring links – the continual purchases. As your network grows, you’ll be on your way to financial freedom, just by getting paid to shop.

How You Can Get Paid to Shop Online

You’re probably thinking that it’s tough to get paid to shop online and grow your network. You need to make all of these posts, come up with graphics on how to get paid to shop, and so on. This isn’t true. Here at 1-Hour Workweek, we do all of the “heavy lifting” for you. This involves putting everything in motion so that you can get paid to shop. We created a number of small graphics that you can use and post on social media in order to put your “getting paid to shop” plans into place. You can download them on your account dashboard. You won’t have to make them yourself, which makes getting paid to shop that much easier. We understand that most people aren’t graphic designers and will spend some time trying to do this on their own, and that’s time that they could spend getting paid to shop and growing their networks. That’s why we took care of this ourselves. As you can see, it’s easy to sign up and get paid to shop!

You’ll achieve the Four Pillars

Most people want to get into this type of affiliate marketing where they get paid to shop for a very specific purpose. They want to be happy. They value their health and wellness. They desire to have time freedom, and more specifically, they want financial independence. That’s why we developed our program around the ability to get paid to shop and the four pillars themselves. These four pillars are what we already described – happiness, health and wellness, time freedom, and financial independence. When you put them together, you’ll see how getting paid to shop really can help you be on your way to them.
Now, let’s go into a bit more depth on these pillars. What’s the main thing that everyone wants? The quick response to that is financial independence, more free time, and better health. All of them will lead to happiness. Thanks to our program, where you can get paid to shop, you’ll be well on your way towards meeting these goals or pillars. Just sign up, make that purchase, get paid to shop, and share your links with the world. Before you know it, you’ll have met all four of those pillars or goals!

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