Really? Economic Inequality Is Dead??


It’s time that we send economic inequality to the grave. And we’re the undertaker.

We believe that every Black and Brown person in America should have the opportunity to build generational wealth.

No person should have to struggle financially by relying on a low-wage job or a limiting monthly paycheck that keeps them in poverty.

We believe that when businesses succeed, communities succeed. When communities succeed, families succeed. When families succeed, individuals succeed. When individuals succeed, it leads to more jobs, less crime, less imprisonment, less poverty, less homelessness, fewer health issues, less alcoholism, less depression, less anxiety and more lives saved.

When we work together as a community, we can impact these issues with the greatest amount of force. We can eliminate all of the negative consequences we have experienced as a people.

If you believe what we believe, then you have come to the right place. So please listen carefully to an amazing little plan we have for you.

My brothers and sisters, regardless of your circumstances or your level of income, you can achieve anything. Your ability to conquer your challenges is limitless; your potential to succeed is infinite. You simply need the right system in place that will allow you to grow your success unrestricted.

And here’s the thing. The system that I have created is not going to take up too much of your time. You’re not going to pay anything extra. There’s no trickery or hidden agenda.

It’s really all about making sure that you have a fair shake in a world where so many people are constantly working to keep you in a spirit of despair, struggle and suffering.

In fact, you are literally going to be doing what you are already doing…except for this one thing.

A tiny bit of the money that you are already spending can be used to build you an unlimited stream of monthly passive income….creating generational wealth for you and your family…and acquiring financial security for a lifetime.

You will have totally free access to a multitude of wealth-building educational information that’s going to make a huge difference in your life. And you will have free access to growing list of incredible services that are going to change your life for the better. I will discuss more about this subject a bit later.

As a concerned community of like-minded people, we’re here to help you avoid those negative people who are blocking your pathway to achieving the success that you and your family deserve.

The 1 Hour Workweek community is going to make it easier for you to acquire the things you desire the most. So here’s what we’re going to do.

In step 1 of my plan, it’s all about building wealth together. You see! My team of website experts have setup an  online shopping store where you can generate multiple streams of passive income. When you shop our member’s online store for your household needs, you will get paid. And this is money you’re already spending on household products.

When you refer your family, friends and neighbors to join our community, you are rewarded financially.

Here’s what happens: When you make your first $25 purchase, you will become a lifetime member so that you can generate a steady stream of monthly income for a lifetime.

To be successful in business, you have to stick around to give it time to grow. If you stop prematurely, you will never achieve real success because you can never accomplish your long-term goals.

Thus…my system is set-up so that there will be no limit to your monthly income potential. In fact…you will be able to earn 5% commissions on the monthly purchases of each of the next 100,000 community members who believe what we believe that join after you.

Presently, we have more than 22,000 products that include categories such as:

  • Grocery
  • Beauty & Body Care
  • Vitamins & Supplements
  • Baby
  • Home Products
  • Health
  • Natural Remedies
  • Aromatherapy
  • Health & Medicine
  • Sexual Wellness
  • Vitamins & Supplements
  • Weight Loss Products & Supplements
  • Pet

With more than 22,000 products to choose from…and growing… you can literally earn 10’s of 1000’s of dollars in monthly passive income over the life of your membership.

See our compensation plan for details.  Check out this video which explains how it works. However, this video was created some time ago before we added additional wealth-building services. So it’s a bit out of date.

And here’s what so great about our community store. We are in the process of completing our platform so that Black and Brown business owners can promote their products within our store.

So let me reiterate. We support the growth of Black and Brown businesses because when businesses succeed, communities succeed. When communities succeed, families succeed. When families succeed, individuals succeed. When individuals succeed, it leads to more jobs, less crime, less imprisonment, less poverty, less homelessness, fewer health issues, less alcoholism, less depression, less anxiety and more lives saved.

So not only will you get to earn a steady, reliable monthly passive income to replace your existing monthly income, but when you purchase products you get to support the growth of Black and Brown business owners nationwide.

In addition…

Here’s what you may not already know. Black folks in America still own the same percent of wealth that we did in 1850…less than 1/2 of 1 percent. We are also in the worse economic event of our lifetime. Forty percent (40%) of our black owned businesses have closed their doors from the negative effects of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Today…the black buying power is $1.3 Trillion; and Hispanics currently have $1.7 trillion in purchasing power. Both numbers are sure to rise in the years to come. But sadly…97% of our dollars do not go to anybody black or brown.

But here’s the good news. As a member of our community, you will contribute to our wealth-building plan of re-circulating up to ninety seven percent (97%) of the wealth created back into the Black & Brown communities.

Likewise, The 1-Hour Workweek will invest up to 80% of our profits to building businesses in Black & Brown communities. Your participation will help us in reaching our goal of creating 1 million jobs in our Black and Brown communities over the next 10 years.

In step 2 of my plan, it’s all about acquiring financial literacy to empower long-term wealth. In starting this process, we have partnered with Operation Hope, a non-profit organization, that will provide you a free wealth-building education as well as financial services in the area of credit & money management, homeownership, small business development, employee financial wellness, youth financial literacy, youth entrepreneurship, youth job skills, financial disaster recovery and so much more.

Operation HOPE recently announced their New Marshall Plan, a comprehensive set of legislative and regulatory policies that address inequality in our economy and harness the untapped potential of millions of African Americans, who have been disproportionately affected by both the health and economic impacts COVID-19.

The New Marshall Plan Include:

  1. Education for All
  2. Financial Literacy for All
  3. Access to Job Opportunity for All to ensure a Living Wage for All
  4. Access to Capital for All
  5. Mortgage for a home: wealth creation
  6. Job Training
  7. Mentorships
  8. Apprenticeship for a job for the future
  9. 25% wage increase for all Americans earning less than $60K
  10. Turn black communities into green communities
  11. Raise credit score 100 points

Download our free success guide for a compete overview of our program.

In summary, if you believe what we believe and if you commit to joining our community as a lifelong member, you will get to build generational wealth, earn unlimited steams of passive income, and enjoy financial security for a lifetime while working from the privacy of your home.

I would love for you to join me and other community members in spreading our message of unity. You can help us create 1,000,000 Black and Brown jobs over the next 5 to 10 years.  And most of all, you can help us in providing economic freedom and success for all people of color.

There is little doubt that if we do this together, there is nothing we can’t achieve. I pledge my commitment to you and that everything I say and everything I do will always reflect back to what I truly believe: that all people of color deserves equal economic opportunity.

 Ready to join us?  If you believe in what we believe and you believe that the things we are doing can help you…then join us. You can stand shoulder to shoulder with us in pursuit of our ultimate goal: To help build generational wealth for all people of color.


Tarence Wade, M.D.
President & Founder, The 1-Hour Workweek
P.S. Click here to make your $25+ product purchase. Join the community and get your FREE lifetime membership! Your $25+ purchase will help to recycle the wealth.

P.S.S.  In my next message

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Black and Brown People: You can avoid widespread economic injustices that are blocking your success

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