I can’t take this anymore…


That’s right! I can’t take it anymore. Economic inequality is dead wrong.

This is exactly why we are community of like-minded people who believe that every person of color should have an opportunity to build generational wealth.

There are millions Black and Brown people in the United States who have been effectively blocked from earning financial wealth become of economic inequality & discrimination.

With that being said…let me describe the typical picture of the living condition if you are a Black and Brown person in America.

You work a low wage job ranging from $8 to $12 per hour. With rent, utilities, daycare, car note, auto insurance, credit card debt, food and other expenses, you are left financially poor or even devastated as a normal way of life. That means you have:

  • No emergency saving
  • No health insurance
  • No retirement plan
  • No money for investing
  • Poor credit
  • Low credit score

Because of your situation, you will likely never be able to own your own home or get to build financial wealth.
And even if you are fortunate enough to earn a higher income from a trade, a skill or having a college degree, your troubles will not end there.

Because of relative low income earnings and the lack of poor financial planning, many Black & Brown people have to deal with issues such as:

  • Out of control debt
  • Loan denial
  • High loan rates
  • High student loan debt
  • No financial security
  • No retirement saving

The fact is…there is a widespread systemic racial inequality that is stopping 95% of Black and Brown people from building financial wealth.

The reason most Black & Brown people are earning the lowest income in the country and are kept at the bottom of the income level is because of widespread systemic economic injustice.

The reason most Black & Brown people are faced with many of our economic pitfalls and disparities is because of widespread systemic economic injustice.

But here’s what I believe and here’s why I’m committed to make a lasting change.

I believe that every Black and Brown person in America should have an opportunity to build generational wealth.

So how do we win? We can win with my simple 2 step success plan.

First….when we work together as a community, we can re-circulate our spending power on products and services that are promoted within our network. This concerted effort will increase the monthly income of everyone within our community and build the long-term wealth of the community.

That’s exactly why we have set-up an online store with over 22,000 household products.  When you shop our community store and refer your family and friends to do the same…the money will be recirculated and you will earn 5% commissions on the very first shopper up to the next 100,000 shoppers who join our wealth-building community.

Second…we will provide free wealth-building educational content and free life-changing services for everyone within our community. These actions will lead to long-term generational wealth for each of our community members.

You will receive free services in the areas of…

  • Credit & money management
  • Homeownership
  • Small business development
  • Employee financial wellness
  • Youth financial literacy
  • Youth entrepreneurship
  • Youth job skills
  • Financial disaster recovery
  • Much, much more

Ultimately, when we combine our buying power under one banner or network…we will have unlimited and powerful leverage.

We can demand products, services, loans and other consumer goods and services on our terms that are fair and competitive.

However, in order for this to work, we must continue to grow our membership enrollment.

As community members, we can work together on multiple fronts to tackle economic inequality to stop it dead in its track.

That means we need your voice…your vision…and your service to make us stronger.

Ready to join us?  If you believe what we believe and you believe that the things we are doing can help you and others…then join us.

You can stand shoulder to shoulder with us in pursuit of our ultimate goal: To help build generational wealth for all people of color.


Tarence Wade, M.D.

President & Founder, The 1-Hour Workweek

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Black and Brown People: You can avoid widespread economic injustices that are blocking your success

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