Single moms can get paid…


If you are a single Black or Hispanic woman, it’s time for you to get paid.

I know your long hard struggles. I know your many pains. Despite all of this…you have been our backbone since Adam & Eve.

You have carried our sons on your backs till they have become men. And you have nurtured our daughters close by you side till they have become women.

What we owe you is never enough. So the least that we can say is that, “We got your back.”

Despite how much you work…despite how much you learn…it is never enough in a world where economic injustice is knocking you down at every corner.

Many Black and Hispanic women have to deal with high unemployment rates. And even if you work…job wages are low. And often there are no benefits or health insurance.

You have to pay rent, utilities, daycare, car note, auto insurance, purchase food as well as other expenses for you and your family.

You are financially poor and living in poverty. That means you have:

  • No emergency saving
  • No retirement plan
  • No money for investing
  • Poor credit
  • A low credit scoreImage

For years, we have known that the core reason for you working a low income job…having very few great job opportunities…and that much of your economic pitfall and disparities is because of widespread systemic economic injustice.

But here’s what we believe and why we are here to help you move through your crisis.

We believe that every Black and Brown person in America should have a just and equal economic opportunity.

So how can we help?

We have a FREE simple 2-step success plan that will provide you and your family a reliable monthly income stream as well as long-term financial prosperity. That’s right it’s FREE for your benefit.

First….we have an online store with over 22,000 household products.  When you shop our store and refer your family and friends to do the same…you will earn 5% commissions on the very first shopper up to the next 100,000 shoppers who join our wealth-building community.

Second…we will provide you and your family a free wealth-building education along with free life-changing services that are provided by our affiliate partners.

Free services will include the following areas of focus:

  • Credit & money management
  • Homeownership
  • Small business development
  • Employee financial wellness
  • Youth financial literacy
  • Youth entrepreneurship
  • Youth job skills
  • Financial disaster recovery
  • And much, much more

Download our free success guide for a more compete overview of our program. Our guide will be updated periodically because we are constantly evolving.

Ready to join us?  If you believe what we believe and you believe that the things we are doing can help you…then join us.

We must end economic inequality for all people of color.

Tarence Wade, M.D.
President & Founder, The 1-Hour Workweek

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Black and Brown People: You can avoid widespread economic injustices that are blocking your success

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