These people are stealing your wealth…


There are lots of people who are committing racial inequality tactics and strategies who are stealing your wealth from you and your family every single day.

And this is the reason we created this community.

We are community of like-minded people who believe that every person of color should have an equal shot at economic opportunity.

There are more than 100 million Black and Brown people in the United States of America that are living through some form or fashion of economic inequality & discrimination.

With that being said…let me ask you 3 basic questions.


How many Black or Brown people you know that are renting an apartment or renting a house versus owning their home?

If you’re like most people I know, there are many more Black and Brown people who are renters compared to homeowner.


Do you know at least one or two Black or Brown people who has worked their butts off at their job? They have awesome experience. They are knowledgeable. But….they have never gotten selected for a top management position despite all their efforts.


Have you ever gotten approved for a credit card, a car loan or a home mortgage…but the interest rate was much higher than quoted lowest interest rate?

Maybe you felt proud, blessed or even lucky that you got approved. And depending on your circumstances, you may even felt like you won the lottery.

I’m happy for you while at the same time disappointed in how you were treated.  Whether you recognize it or not, you were likely bamboozled. It has certainly happened to me on many occasions because I just didn’t know any better.

The fact is…there is a widespread systemic racial inequality that is stopping 95% of Black and Brown people from building financial wealth.

I recently read a 2018 article, “Are you a minority borrower? You might want to think twice about using an online lender.” from the Washington Post.

This article reported that “it’s not just bank loan officers with racial biases who discriminate against black and Latino borrowers. Computer algorithms do, too.”

“That is the groundbreaking conclusion of University of California at Berkeley researchers who found that algorithmic credit scoring using big data is no better than humans at evening the playing field when it comes to determining home mortgage interest rates.”

“Both online and human lenders earn 11 to 17 percent higher profits off minority borrowers by charging African Americans and Latinos steeper rates, the study said. Black and Latino consumers pay 5.6 to 8.6 basis points higher interest on home purchase loans than their white or Asian counterparts with similar credit profiles — no matter whether they obtained their loans through a face-to-face process or online.”

This type of widespread predatory lending practice is being perpetrated on Black and Brown people every single day in many different businesses and settings all across the country.

This is exactly why most of us can never get ahead. Our hard earned money is being stolen right from under our noses and we don’t even know we’re being robbed. Period.

But here’s what I believe and here’s the reason I am here.

I believe that every Black and Brown person in America should have a just and equal economic opportunity.

Our goal is the find products and services that won’t steal away the wealth that we deserve for ourselves and our families.

One of our objectives is to ensure that anyone that does business with our community will be vetted and given strong warnings that we won’t tolerate unfair and deceptive practices against our people. And if this occurs, we will ban each and every one of them from our community.

Our mission is not only to protect you from predatory lenders and other discriminatory practices, but our goal is to ensure you have a steady stream of monthly passive income and you have the education you need to build lasting, long-term financial wealth.

You should not have to struggle financially by relying on a low-wage job or a limiting monthly paycheck that keeps you in poverty.

This is one of the reasons we have set-up an online store with over 22,000 household products.  When you shop our community store and refer your family and friends to do the same…you will earn 5% commissions from the very first shopper up to the next 100,000 shoppers who join our wealth-building community…and who join after you.

Likewise…we believe that every Black & Brown person should be equipped with the knowledge and education to improve their financial well-being.

So…not only will we provide lots of free practical educational content for this purpose, but we will connect our community members to other business partners, corporations and individual donors that will provide you free wealth-building services in the areas of…

  • Credit & money management
  • Homeownership
  • Small business development
  • Employee financial wellness
  • Youth financial literacy
  • Youth entrepreneurship
  • Youth job skills
  • Financial disaster recovery
  • Much, much more

The key to our success is simple: We need you.

When we work together as a community, we are so much stronger. As growing community of like-minded individuals, we will have incredible leverage and buying power.

We can put economic pressure on a company or brand organizations by refusing to buy their products or services if we are not satisfied with their services or offer.

Likewise, we can encourage or reward a company or brand organization for providing us competitive priced products or services.Image

 Download our free success guide for a more compete overview of our program. Our guide will be updated periodically because we are constantly evolving.

In fact, our ultimate goal is to help you build generational wealth, earn unlimited steams of passive income, and enjoy financial security for a lifetime while work from the privacy of your home.

So here’s the thing!

If you want to join a community of people who are out to protect you from predatory lenders and other discriminatory practices that are constantly stealing your wealth and financial freedom on the basis of your skin color…then join us.

If you know someone who is being discriminated against and they need an organization and you would like to help us fight for economic justice…then join us.

We must work as a team where all of our minds are working together on multiple fronts to tackle economic inequality to stop it dead in its track.

You voice…your vision…and your service is needed. You could be the one who comes up with the next break-through solution to serve our entire community.

You could be the one who save our children from the struggles that we are all going through.

Some people need love. Some need money. Some need family. Some need spiritual fulfillment. But we all need equal economic opportunity. Image

Ready to join us?  If you believe what we believe and you believe that the things we are doing can help you and others…then join us.

You can stand shoulder to shoulder with us in pursuit of our ultimate goal: To help end economic inequality for all people of color.

Tarence Wade, M.D.
President & Founder, The 1-Hour Workweek

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Black and Brown People: You can avoid widespread economic injustices that are blocking your success

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