What can you expect from the “52 Weeks” series?

  • I believe that it should be our mission to help every single working-class person in America to achieve economic prosperity and generational wealth.

But this assumes that everyone who participates in the wealth building process must tap into a business plan that includes several key characteristics.

First… a successful business plan must center around an organized, structured system that attracts compassionate and dedicate individuals with a relentless passion and a culture of belief around a focused vision.

An organization must allow its people to unleash their talents and ideas without blame or judgment in order to create multiple arms, legs and extensions that caters to the well-being of the entire organization.

Second…a successful business plan must be highly effective in 10 critical ways:

  • An inspirational leader: There must be an inspiring leader or CEO with a vision to constantly remind every person at every level of the organization to the reason “why” it exists. The “why” it exists must be bigger than anyone in the organization. The “why” it exists must be the core reason why every member participates.
  • Team oriented: Every member in the organization must be encouraged to work together to fulfill the organization’s purpose, belief, vision or the reason for it existence. The reason it exists is why everyone comes to work and shares their belief with all they encounter.
  • Simplicity: The plan must be simple enough where the actions of each member occur in a stress-free environment with no limiting barriers or limiting beliefs.
  • Easy-to-do: The plan should be easy enough to be engaged at home, work or any other setting at any time. It’s should be as simple as drinking a cup of coffee or putting on a pair of running shoe before you exercise.
  • Image oriented: The plan should teach and instruct each member to focus on the type of person he or she wishes to become and not to focus on the final results or outcome. To focus on a self- image, means to create a lifestyle change that is comfortable to that individual. This lifestyle will lead to the practice of daily habits and rituals that leads to greater success. On the other hand, to focus on results means to focus on a distant dream that can lead to false hope, mental imprisonment, doubt, and a destructive mindset.
  • Convenience: The plan should allow its members to participate at their leisure. It should fit into each individual’s particular schedule, circumstance or lifestyle but they should be inspired to excel.
  • Freedom: The plan should not be based on a financial commitment or restrictive fees that prevents the flow and access to an enriching wealth-building education. Every member should be allowed a reasonable and fair investment option based on his or her existing economic status. This investment option should cater to unrestricted financial growth, leading to long-term economic prosperity and generational wealth.
  • Work at your leisure: Each participant should be able to grow at a level of success and at a comfortable pace that feels right based on his or her particular situation.
  • Lifelong learning: The learning process should never stop. Wealth creation is a continuous endeavor, much like an athlete who never stops perfecting his or her skills. He or she becomes better and better over a period of time through continuous development.
  • Develop effective habits: – Each participant should engage in repeatable simple actionable steps that lead to greater success. These steps will lead to  routine wealth-building habits over a relatively short period of time.
The characteristics I just described to you are all included in the plan I have created for our community.
This plan is called “The 1 Hour Workweek”. It’s designed so that everyone in our community can succeed without the fear of doubt. This plan will not only work for you, but it will for every single person who follows your lead.
If you commit to performing simple actionable baby steps while participating just 1 hour per week, you can build a successful business. However, I’m going to coach and encourage you to take action at a much higher level of success and accountability. And if you have any of the following circumstances, don’t worry. The system is especially designed so that you can overcome these financial struggles or financial headaches in due time.
For example, you may be experiencing…
  • No employment
  • A low wage job
  • Less than $500 savings
  • No health insurance
  • No retirement saving
  • Deep credit card debt
  • High student loan debt
  • Poor financial knowledge
  • Poor job preparation
  • No money for day care
  • No home ownership
  • No generational wealth
  • Poor credit
  • No financial security
  • Loan denials
  • Residing in a low income housing
  • Residing in a high crime community
You will definitely benefit from my program. It’s free with no financial obligation.
This email is the first of many regular installments to this wealth-building course you will receive over the next 52 weeks.
What you will get is the lessons I have learned from 10 years of painstaking trial and error describing the most effective pathway for creating financial wealth with minimal effort and little out of pocket cost. But most importantly, I hope to inspire you to take action.
The only thing you need to bring to the table is desire: the goal and the dream to build a better life for you and your family and the willingness to learn and take action to reach that goal.
It is a road map to help every member of our community to achieve financial success.
There are 2 Steps:

In Step 1, you get to build the financial success as a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) in 2 major ways:

A. We will collectively shop our community online store to re-circulate the money we spend on everyday products back into our network.
B. We will collectively invite our family and friend on social media to join our community to increase the growth of our organization.

In Step 2, you are going to lean free wealth-building tips & strategies (like I’m teaching you now) that will allow you to move from working for a paycheck to having your money work for you.

For example…

#1: You get to learn exactly how much money you will need to become financially independent and to live the lifestyle you desire.

#2: You get to learn a simple success strategy that literally guarantee you to pay-off your monthly bills and other debt you have accumulated. The more you use this strategy, the more debt you will get to eliminate.

#3: You will learn about a time-tested proven plan of action to dramatically increase your net worth over the course of time.

#4: You will learn The Path of Money guide that describes the way money flows in and out of your life…so that you are continually reminded that you must always make appropriate choices to build your financial wealth.

#5: You will learn how to purposely budget your money to maximize the amount you have to invest.

#6: You will learn how to determine your net worth so that you can increase your net worth based on your spending decision and what you should be investing in.

#7: You will learn the power of measuring and reviewing the results you’re getting to maximize your net worth.

#8: You will be updated on new products and services that will generation you additional monthly income while building you even greater long-term generational wealth for you and your family.

#9: You are going to learn 12 tips and strategies to help improve and focus your daily habits to enhance your overall success.

#10: You are going to learn how to stick to your goals by focusing on identity instead of focusing on outcome.

#11: You are going to learn about a simple way to improve all aspects of your life. There are certain habits and routines that make success easier, regardless of the circumstances you face.

#12: You are going to learn how to make your future habits easy by resetting your living space so that the actions that matter most are also the actions that are easiest to do.

#13: You are going to learn about a few ways to automate a habit and never think about it again.

#14: You are going learn how to think like a Millionaire Real Estate Investor so that you can become a Millionaire Real Estate Investor.

Taken all together, it is a step-by-step blueprint to wealth so that you can progress through each logical step in the most efficient order possible.

The idea is to drip the knowledge on you a little at a time in an easily digestible and organized course so that it can fit into your busy life.

It’s a solid wealth-building education – and it comes automatically as a member of our FREE wealth-building community.

That’s right. You are family now. We are here to support your growth & development. But to do this effectively, I need your full support. In fact, I need everyone in this community to fully cooperate in building the best support system in the world for all of our families.

Imagine we are a world-class football team. We are in the Super Bowl and we are all on the field. It’s the 4th quarter. We have the ball on the opponent’s 20 yard line. And we are 6 points away from winning the game. If everyone understands the play and does their part, we are going to score and win the Super Bowl.
 To equip you for the game, you will get a lifetime FREE membership with step-by-step instructions so you can learn how to play the game at your own pace. 
  • It includes a private Facebook group to collaborate with like-minded people so you aren’t traveling this journey alone.
    1. We will measure our results, discuss milestones and recognize our successes and failures at the beginning of every month.
    2. We will recognize examples of positive results achieve by members of our community.
    3. We will discuss other metric achieved that relate our members state of mindset.
    4. We will allow members to tell their own success stories.
    5. We will celebrate our achievements.
    6. We will always be reminded of the reason we exist and the reason we are all here.
  • It includes accountability, coaching, and community support to bridge the gap between education and action so you actually get the reinforcement you need and the results you want to achieve.

We will work together as a community to reach our financial goals and to build generational wealth.

By the end of this course, you will have mastery to a wealth plan that actually works. You will walk away with not only the plan, but it will be reverse engineered into actions and steps that will show you exactly what to do so that you will become successful.

Please leave me a comment below.

In the next email, I will discuss how you can determine how much income you will need to earn to obtain financial freedom. It’s a lot simpler than what you may have imagined.


Until then,

Tarence Wade, M.D. – Founder & Manager

Email me at tarence@the1hourworkweek.com if you have questions. I will generally respond back within 24 hours.

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