Let’s eliminate your $500 monthly bill…

There are millions and millions of people who are jobless, struggling and can’t put food on the table because of the COVID 19 epidemic.

And they can’t depend on the government with so much bureaucracy and partisan bickering to help them through this crisis.

Frankly, to tell the truth. I’m sick and tired of people having to depend on an outside system to come to their economic rescue.

With that being said. We can change this situation by working together so that this never become an issue ever again.  It’s time. Right now. Right here. Starting at this very moment. We can do this together.

In fact, I discovered a solid bulletproof solution that will work for everyone who joins our community in partnership. The key is that we must walk this walk together. And the more people who walk with us, the stronger we will become.

Father and son in the hospital

Let me ask you a simple question? How many people do you know that could use an extra $300 to $500 per month to pay a bill, especially during this time of the COVID pandemic?

As an ER doctor, I have encountered many people who had to choose between purchasing needed medication versus putting food on their kitchen table. And many time a patient couldn’t even afford a $5 prescription. Other had to wait until the first of the month for their social security check to make a purchase.

Either way, we are here to help you if are in a financial crisis. Or perhaps you know someone close to you who does.

As a member of our community, not only can you achieve financial freedom starting from being dead broke, but you can get back the happiness and joy you’ve been missing for many months, and even for many years.

We will help you to move from a position of poverty to a position of financial strength. You will gain the financial freedom mindset to walk away from your present condition. You can even take back control of your health so that you look better and feel better.

It’s time for you to take back control of your life. I believe that you are the master of your fate. You just need a little bit of help to push you in the right direction.

Man and Woman Holding Money


For the next 8 weeks, I’m going to show you simple habit that will allow you to earn an extra $300 to $500 per month in income. This way you get to eliminate one of your monthly bills.

That’s enough to pay a car note, to feed your hungry children, or enough to cover the cost of your monthly hair and nail bill (why are you laughing? You know I’m telling the truth.), or a host of other possibilities.

And it doesn’t matter whether you have…

  • No employment
  • A low wage job
  • Less than $500 savings
  • Poor financial knowledge
  • Poor credit

The plan that I’m going to share with you is 100% risk-free. The key to your success is following my instructions EXACTLY and Take Weekly Action.

With that being said….

Here are the EXACT STEPS I want you to take (Okay, this is serious, so follow my instructions.)

 STEP 1a. Find a bill ranging from $300 to $500 that you have to pay every month.

Write the debt cancelation date (e.g. 1/1/2020) at the top of the bill in BOLD YELLOW print.  This is the exact date you anticipate to cancel this debt from your life…forever!

CAUTION: This date starts only from the time you start using the 1- Minute Messenger (I will explain later).

STEP 1b: Make several copies of this bill and tape them in obvious locations where you can see them every day (your bedroom mirror or nightstand are good examples) for the next 8 weeks.

 STEP 1c:  On a separate piece of paper, I want you to write or type the affirmation message below. Attach it just below each copy of the bill you post.

You should look at this bill every morning when you wake up and throughout the day.  Read the affirmation out loud with conviction. Feel the emotions of your belief as you recite the words.

“God has given me immense power to eliminate this bill from my life forever. The actions that I take every day for the next 8 weeks will gradually melt away this bill until it has completely vanish from my life.

On ______________________ (e.g. 1/1/2020), I will log into my account, and not before then, to verify that there is more than enough money in my account to cancel out this debt…not just once…but for every month until it is paid off.”


African american woman studying with laptop stressed with hand on head, shocked with shame and surprise face, angry and frustrated. Fear and upset for mistake.

If you are in financial debt, you can anticipate the 1-Minute Messenger (I explain below.) will deliver you from financial debt.

If you have high student loan debt, you can anticipate the 1-Minute Messenger removing your student loan debt.

If you are unhappy, unhealthy, poor and hopeless, you can anticipate the 1-Minute Messenger moving you to a state of more happiness, better health, financial prosperity and time freedom.

Whatever you are experiencing from the lack of money, your firm participation in the 1-Minute Messenger will deliver you financial abundance.

So what is the 1-Minute Messenger?

I created the 1-Minute Messenger specifically to help you earn multiple streams of passive income on literally thousands of quality products…anytime…anyplace…on autopilot.

This system is free. It’s simple. It’s easy-to-do.

With the 1 Minute Messenger you will use your Facebook Messenger app and mobile phone to grow your network to literally hundreds, even 1,000’s, of new members. And it’s all done in less than 1 minute increments.

You will get paid on all the product purchases of all the people who join our FREE wealth-building community after you invite them (your family, friends and colleagues- the people who trust you the most) and all the people they invite using the 1-Minute Messenger.

Each time you play and win, you will move a step closer to paying-off a debt. The more you win, the more bills you will get to eliminate. You simply — Click. Paste. Submit. Make money. It’s that easy.

With your participation, the 1-Minute Messenger will help 100’s of 1,000’s of working-class people build generational wealth and set you on the path to financial freedom.

It’s the perfect little success strategy that can lead to more happiness, better health, financial prosperity and time freedom.

In other words, you will begin to notice that as time progresses, you will move closer and closer towards financial freedom. You will have a bigger smile on your face with happiness and joy filling your spirit and your state of mind.  Your emotional state and feeling of relief is going to be better for your physical health and mental well-being.  And you will start to look forward to spending more time with your family, friends & loved ones.

As a community of like-minded working-class people who are concerned about our families and the well-being our communities, we vow to shop our  online community store in order to re-circulate to money we are currently spending on everyday products and services back into our  own bank account.  This way can all create a level of financial freedom & generational wealth for our children and grand children we can all be proud of.

 So what can you do RIGHT NOW to become an active part of our movement for economic prosperity for all?

Today…start purchasing products from our community online store to join our cause. Here is you will ultimately achieve along with every other member in our network. Like all of us, you will get to:

  • Invest in yourself and your family
  • Cancel your debt
  • Pay off your bills
  • Build that dream home and dream car
  • Invest in your next door neighbor
  • Build infrastructure in your community
  • Donate to a worthy cause
  • Build generational wealth for your…
    Great grandchildren
    Great, great grandchildren
  • Get your mojo back with a sense of pride, peace, joy and happiness
  • Take charge of your health and physical well-being
  • Build your financial freedom where you call the shots
  • Enjoy the time freedom you so deserve

Every time you shop our community store, up to 97% of the money you spend will be re-circulated back into…

  • The community where you get to own part of the wealth
  • Your neighborhood where we can create more jobs for working-class people
  • Your neighborhood to improve the value of your home and the surrounding communities
  • Improving the wealth and wellness of small business owner who sell their products in our community store
  • Building the generational wealth of every working-class person who join our community


Let’s talk a bit about how this is going impact your life directly.

Have you ever played the slot machine at a casino or purchased a state lottery ticket?

Many electronic slot machines strategically employ the near-miss effect to create a false sense of reward. A near-miss occurs when the winning symbol appears just above or below the payline. Imagine tapping the spin button, watching the wheel rotate, and seeing two cherries line up—but the third cherry narrowly miss. You almost won the jackpot.

That “almost” feeling trick your brain into predicting the reward is now closer than before. With a little more work, you might be able to get it. After a near-miss, the reward system in your brain light up with anticipation.

Many machines are intentionally programmed to deliver near-misses more frequently than would arise by pure chance. By teasing a jackpot, the designers make the game more engaging, but they are also deceiving you by making you feel like a win is closer even though the odds of winning are no better than before.

Likewise…you have about a one in 302,575,350 chance of winning the Mega Millions jackpot.

To put that in perspective, you have a far greater chance of being attacked by a grizzly bear while on vacation at a U.S. National Park. And even that only happens every one in 2.7 million visits.

Despite the long odds, thousands of Americans will buy tickets for a chance to win. About half of Americans play state lotteries with each spending an average of about $86 a month on lottery tickets. That adds up to about $1,032 each year per consumer.

Spending several hundred dollars a year on lottery tickets can make a big dent in your budget. Especially if your paycheck isn’t that big to begin with. Yet Americans earning less than $30,000 admit to spending about 13% of their income on lottery tickets.

There are psychological reasons why Americans continue to play the lottery even though they know the odds. Humans are wired to have unrealistic optimism when it comes to the probability of something happening.


When you plug into the 1-Minute Messenger, there are no near-miss effects to trick your brain to make you feel you “almost” won. And it’s certainly not a lottery. You are not gambling your money.

The 1-Minute Messenger is a plan where you are literally guaranteed to win as long as you play the game.

Unlike playing the slot machines or playing state lotteries, playing the 1-Minute Messenger requires ZERO money.

It doesn’t matter whether you “click” the submit button 1 time, 10 times or 100 times, it will cost you nothing…except only a few minutes of your time.

Each time you win you move a step closer to paying-off an unwanted bill or financial debt. And the more you play, the more bills you get to eliminate.

For example…if you get paid 1 out of 3 clicks (that’s 3 mins of your time spent playing the game) you get 1 win…1 out of 5 clicks (that’s 5 mins of your time) you get 1 win or…2 out of 20 clicks (that’s 20 mins of invested time) you get 2 wins. In essence, YOU CAN ONLY WIN.

Imagine 5 wins (your family or friends participating) leads to:

  • 25 wins [your friends > sponsor their friends]
  • 125 wins [your friends > sponsor their friends > sponsor their friends]
  • 625 wins [your friends > sponsor their friends > sponsor their friends > sponsor their friends]
  • 3,125 wins [your friends> sponsor their friends > sponsor their friends > sponsor their friends > sponsor their friends]
  • 15,625 wins [you get the picture]

This will include 6 levels of income streams. That’s a total of 19,525 wins. And if each win is worth $5, you will earn a whopping $97,625.

As you can see in this example, if you had only 5 personal wins with no out-of-pocket fees you can still WIN BIG TIME.

Each time you “click” your Facebook Messenger to invite a friend, you are increasing the odds of adding more money to your bank account.

But here is so what’s real about this scenario. It’s going to play out in real life as an active member of our community. That’s because you won’t be playing this game of winning along.

I predict literally 10’s of 1,000’s, even millions of loyal members are going to follow you because we are all fed up with the present situation we’re living in.  Businesses are taking our money then leaving us behind for the wolves. The rich are getting richer. And poor and getter poorer. Soon there will be no middle class if we continue down this same pathway.

And I know that you’re are fed up too…if you’re like the rest of us. And beside, this is FREE community. It’s a movement where we are all fighting for each other. So come and join us in this fight for economic freedom for all Americans. It’s our birth right.

So let me ask you?

How would you feel if you had constant winning and eliminating your financial debt would affect your mindset?

  • Do you believe you can become healthier?
  • Do you believe that this will give you more freedom to enjoy your life?
  • Will you be inspired if you continue to move in a positive direction?
  • Will this help to relieve your financial stress and anxiety?
  • Will you feel like you can be a blessing to others if you sponsored them to join such a movement?
  • Will you feel that being an active participant of this movement can give you a sense of spiritual fulfilment?
  • Will you feel a sense of financial security if your keep on winning?
  • Will you feel good about being a member of a community that will loves you for who you are and will cherish your input regardless of your background or position in life?
  • Will you feel good about being a member of a community that will treat you like family and that will always look out for your best interest and protect you and your family?

Of course…all of these are ideal are central to our belief. We are commitment to ascribing to each of these emotional states for all of our members.

I’m thrilled to be your leader. This is not only how we measure our level of such, but I am constantly and vigorously inspired on how much more we can achieve together.

I believe that every day you wake up, you’re going to be more and more successful with many small wins along the way. All of your many small wins will lead to biggest win ever…YOUR FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

Here’s what I need you do next:

1.) I need to send your personal affiliate link so that you can start your wealth building journey with rest of our community member. So go ahead an purchase between $25 to $100 in retail products so that we can start re-circulating your money back into community and eventually back into your bank account.

Look around your home and purchase things (e.g. soap, lotion, face cream, etc.) that you will need in the next 7 to 10 days. We are not like Amazon…yet. But we eventually we will get there…plus so much more.  So give it up to 10 days until we can promise you better delivery. We are still dealing with major delivery issues become of COVID 19.

Here is the link to our community online store: https://shop.the1hourworkweek.com/. The more you purchase, the faster we will achieve financial wealth and financial independence for everyone in the community.

See our compensation for details. Don’t let all of the numbers boggle your mind. This thing is set-up in a complicated, yet simple way for everyone to benefit from each other. It’s a all hands on deck approach where everyone wins.

Welcome to The 1-Hour Workweek

2.) Go to your email inbox the retrieve your affiliate link. Save this email to a folder on your computer for later use. Be sure to check you spam mail.

3.) With the 1-Minute Messenger technique, message 60 to 100 family member and/or friends (this amounts to about 60 to 100 mins of your personal time). Download a copy of our aspirational messages and share them to sponsor your family and friends.

4.) Leave me a comment at the bottom of the page and tell me what you think?

Oh! One last thing….

Here’s What You Get After You Make Your First Purchase 

  • Access to Your Personal Affiliate Link
    • Access to your Member’s Backoffice to track your monthly earning

lifetime membership

  • 2 free e-books
    • Your Own Path And Destiny
    • The Internet Marketer’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing

book affiliate marketingyour own path and destiny book

  • Free home-based business set-up on our site
    • FREE “Google My Business” profile page
    • Promote your products & services to our community members
    • Get free professional website at “Google My Business”
    • Free App

google business profile page

Again, welcome aboard. This is a journey you are going to take for the rest of your life.

In the next lesson, I’m going to explain to you why you only need to be slightly better than your competition to dominate your respective field and industry. In fact, you will become the Winner-Take-All.

Leave me a comment below.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to join our Facebook Group: Building Generational Wealth for Everyday Working-Class People to read what other people are saying about our network and where you can join the conversation.

Until then,

Tarence Wade, M.D. – Founder & Manager


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