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Hey {!firstname_fix},

After more than 10 years of research, trial and error, I finally figured out a financial wealth plan that will work for anyone who participates.

It does not matter whether you are unemployed, earning a low wage income, or have less than $500 in savings. It also doesn’t matter if you have poor financial knowledge or poor credit.

You will gain the knowledge and financial freedom mindset to walk away from any undesirable condition or circumstance towards financial abundance.

But before you get started, let me give some information on how this is going to work at this point in time.

Status Update- In many of my email lessons, especially at the beginning of each month, I’m going to discuss key metrics that will measure our level of success and progress.

This will include updates, personal success stories, numbers & statistics, and the addition of new products and services that will increase your financial wealth building potential as we advance.

But more importantly, I will emphasize things we can do together as a community to move in the same direction and the same time to improve the financial prosperity of everyone in the community.

My availability- I have been practicing emergency medicine for the past 27 years. As of now, I will continue to work as a full-time ER physician ranging from 15 to 17 days per month.

Unfortunately, during these times I will not have as much availability to communicate with you. I will let you know about these specific days.

However, my goal is to gradually devote more and more of my personal time into the community as it continues to grow. Eventually, my desire is to devote a full-time commitment to your needs.

Likewise, I will be looking for key individuals who deeply believe what I believe and who demonstrate a relentless passion and vigor to work with me to move this organization into the forefront of unlimited potential and innovation. It is strictly a voluntary commitment at this time until I feel your heart is dedicated to our cause.

Ultimately, I will be looking for a chief operating officer (COO) and chief financial officer (CFO) who are high performer and are deeply inspired by my vision. He or she must know “how” to build the structure to bring my vision to life. If you are the one, then I will notice you by the things you say and do.

In the meantime, here are several ways you will be able to communicate with me.

Email- You can contact me by email at if you have concerns, questions, suggestions or recommendations on how we can grow our community.

Your voice is so important to the success of our development if you have great ideas. So don’t be shy.

I’m not promising you that we will take up every suggestion or recommendation. But if what you have to say is truly beneficial, we will consider adopting it into our platform. And give you credit and recognition for your input.

Blog post comments- Please leave me a comment after the end of every blog post you read. Your feedback is critical. As much as possible, I will leave a response to your comments. This will be an educational moment for all subscribers and active members.

Now let me be honest. We’re not going to approve your comments before we post it. So if you say something derogatory, condescending, or non-constructive, we will not post your comments.

I’m well aware there are plenty of haters out there. So if you don’t feel that you can contribute to our community in a positive way, then this not the place for you.

Facebook Group- We have a Facebook Group page at On this page, you will get to meet like-minded people. So please let us know how you are progressing in the community. It’s a way to celebrate small wins and even big wins.

And finally, there will opportunities for you to shine and tell us about your ideas and suggestions. The best ideas and suggestions will bubble to the top. I suspect this is where I will discover my leadership team very quickly.

Please join our group now. I wish to thank you in advance for your participation.

“Why” are we here?- We are here because “we believe that every person in America deserve economic prosperity and generational wealth.” And it’s our goal to reach each and every one of them to join our community.

As your leader, I will consistently remind you of “why” you are here in your daily activities.

Everything we say and do is so that we are all in it together. We will focus on the things that are important to the growth of our community and measure the things that each member can truly control.

In other words, we make the stakes something that we can all win or lose on together, not separately.

If we focus on two critical key metrics, there will a domino effect at every level of our organization. These two key metrics will allow us to build a powerful wealth building community.

  • Average Monthly Sponsorship-Our goal is to sponsor new members at a higher monthly rate than the previous month to grow the size of our community exponentially.

For example…if in January we had 50 total members who each sponsored 2 new members. That’s 150 total members with a rate of 2 sponsors/members.

In February, if we had 150 total members at the beginning of the month, then at the end of the month we had a total of 495 members. That’s 495 members – 150 existing members = 345 new members. The new rate of sponsorship is 345/150 = 2.3 newly sponsored members per existing members. That’s a rate increase of 2.3/2 (115%) growth from January to February.

If this rate of growth increases consistently from month to month, that means that every community member deserve credit for working as a TEAM [Together Everyone Achieves More].

  • Average Monthly Product Purchase– Likewise, our goal is to consistently put money back into the pocket of each and every member bank account and our neighborhoods. Plus…we want to grow the wealth of the entire community.

Let’s look at the same membership scenario above. For example…if in January we had 50 total members who each sponsored 2 new members. That’s 150 total members. Let’s assume that 150 members each purchased $50 in retail products. That’s a total of $7,500 in retail product purchases.

In February, if we had 150 total members at the beginning of the month, then at the end of the month we had a total of 495 members.

If 495 members each purchased $75 in products. That’s a total of $37,120 in retail product purchases. That’s a growth rate of 150% ($75/$50) in product purchases.

If our spending rate increases consistently from month to month, this means that every community member will earn progressive unlimited passive income and the overall wealth of our community will increase.

And the good news is that you are simply purchasing products you are already spending money on outside the community. So this is not additional money or new money you are spending. You are being a smart investor by investing the money back into yourself.

Build Financial Wealth
We will set monthly product purchase goals to collectively and aggressively re-circulate up to 97% of the money we spend back into each of our member’s bank account when you shop our community store for everyday products you need.

Sponsoring Others
We function like a social movement. We not only excite the human spirit, but we inspire you to take part in helping to advance our cause. You will include our belief in the context of your lifestyle, not because you have to but because you want to. You will share our belief and even find ways to enhance the prosperity of a community that you can call your home.

Things to do.

  • We will promote monthly sponsorship goals to reach our long-term 5 to 7 year membership of 100 million members.
  • Use your personal affiliate link (you will receive it after your first purchase) to invite other people to join our community.
  • You will share my written messages and video messages on your Facebook page, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and other social platforms to inspire your family and friends to join our movement of economic prosperity.
  • We will celebrate small wins, even our losses, on our Facebook Group page.

As a member of our community, when we all shop our community store and sponsor other members we all win.
When this occurs, we work as a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) to help each member to:

  • Pay their monthly living expenses
  • Pay off credit card debt
  • Pay off other bills
  • Pay off student loan debt
  • Pay for quality day care
  • Purchase health insurance
  • Save for unexpected emergencies
  • Save for a home down payment
  • Save for vacation
  • Earn money if you are jobless
  • Move into better living conditions
  • Alleviate anxiety & stress
  • Create generational wealth
  • Improve the wealth of your neighborhood
  • Eliminate your fear of unemployment

Our “why” will never change

Our “why” is the reason we exist.  We must always remind each other the reason we joined this community.

We believe that every working-class person in America should be able to earn a steady & reliable monthly income and build generational wealth for themselves and their family.”  

We each must play a critical role in advancing our cause. We must consistently increase our membership enrollment so that the entire community does well. Success is a team sport. We all rise together and we all fall together.

 Inspirational Messages
As your leader, I will always remain the source of the message that flow through our community.  I will always communicate our vision with everyone so that we all stay inspired.

 My job is to personify our “Why”

    • To talk about it.
    • To preach it.
    • To be a symbol of what the company believes.
    • What the company “says” or “does” is my voice.
    • To look for people who believe what I believe and to help me to know “how” to build it.

My role as a leader is not to come up with all the great ideals. My role is to create an environment in which great ideals can happen.

My job is to constantly remind you of “why” we were founded and to encourage you to look for ways to bring our cause to life while performing your job or your duty as a member of our community. Your ideas and innovation, in as many ways as you can, will truly benefit the growth of the entire community.

My role is to be crystal clear about “why” we exist and to show how our products and services help to advance that cause.

 Video messages
I will create video updates from time to time. These videos will include the addition of new products & services, future plans & visions, short-term & long-term goals as well as inspirational messages you can shares with your family & friends.

 What we measure?
We all want to win. The only variation is the score we keep. We don’t want money to be our only measure of success. We want every members of our community to:

  • Be happy
  • Be healthier
  • Feel free to enjoy life
  • Be inspired
  • Be relieved of stress
  • Be a blessing to others
  • Be rewarded for extra-ordinary effort
  • Be spiritually fulfilled
  • Feel financially secure
  • Feel loved
  • Feel like you have a family

The metric is relative. But the desire is the same. A billionaire don’t need to work. Money becomes a way to keep score or a relative account on how things are going. Even a billionaire who loses millions due to poor decisions can get depressed.

Although the money may have zero impact on his or her lifestyle, no one likes to lose. The drive to win is not a bad thing. Problems arise when the metric becomes the only measure of success. When what we achieve in no longer tied to “why” we exist, then we have nothing to inspire us to keep fighting the battle we set out to win in the first place.

 Our Core Values

  • Everyone deserves an opportunity.
  • Authenticity inspires motivation & passion.
  • Community is the key to success.
  • The “why” we exist is our greatest benefit we can offer our customer.

Training Course

In addition to the above growth strategy, you are going to receive as a subscriber my “52 Weeks to Building Generational Wealth” email course delivered direct to your inbox.

On that note, let’s get started…

In the next lesson you’ll get an overview of the “52 Weeks to Building Generational Wealth” process so that you know what you are getting into.


Over the course of the next 10 days, you are going learn all about the “How” and “What” of joining our community.

In addition….

You’re going to learn about another powerful strategy I created called the 1-Minute Messenger.

The 1-Minute Messenger is a strategy where you are literally guaranteed to make money to pay-off your monthly bills and other debt you may have accumulated.

What’s so powerful about this strategy is that each time you employ it, you will move a step closer to paying-off an unwanted bill. And the more you play, the more bills you get to eliminate.

In the coming days, I will tell you how to get access to the one tool you will need, your personal affiliate link, as part your  FREE lifetime membership. Your affiliate link will allow you to earn a progressive, steady monthly passive income. It will be the tool by which you will create your financial freedom and ongoing generational wealth.

  • You will also get 2 powerful free e-books.
  • You will get your very own FREE home-based business set-up on our website.  And it come with a FREE professional website.

With your new home-based business, you can promote your God given talents, your existing business and any products & services you are promoting (as long as it’s legal and not offensive) to our community members.

Important: We need your feedback to improve our services. Please don’t forget to leave your comments and questions below.

Until then,

Tarence Wade, M.D. – Founder & Manager
Email me at if you have questions. I will generally respond back within 24 hours.

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